About Me

In my spare time, I’m a freelance photographer based in Charlotte, NC. I can shoot anything, but very much enjoy capturing beautiful landscapes, and of course the Charlotte skyline. My primary assignments are aerial, commercial, industrial, property, and product photography.

I was born and raised in Flint, MI; certainly not a travel destination, but it’s my hometown, and I still love it. I got my first SLR camera in 1986 while in high school. I actually wore the shutter out in it, but still have it.

I’m terrible at updating my website, but I do keep my flickr page up-to-date with recent shots, and my facebook page stays pretty active.

My specialty is large metal prints. If you need something truely jaw-dropping, shoot us an email (sales@chrisaustin.net).

I’m certainly not one for babbling on about myself, so I’ll just leave it to the photos.