Determining exactly where the sun and moon will rise & set


For a photographer, knowing exactly where the sun and moon will rise and set is some handy info to have. Earlier in May we had the “Super Moon”, where the moon was closest to Earth and would be about 14% bigger (really this isn’t much). Knowing the moon would rise in the East, we went to a spot west of the city. The goal here was to capture the moonrise over the Charlotte skyline. And here we have it…

Clearly this didn’t work out; the damn thing was way off to the right. Had I known exactly where the moon was going to be, I would have obviously picked another location. I hit Google in search of a method to calculate exactly where the sun and moon, rise and set, and found The Photographer’s Ephemeris, a free, visual tool that shows you exactly where these stupid things will be found. It has four lines, laid over a Google map, that represent sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset, which meet on a location that you select. It also provides you the times for each. It’s a very handy tool indeed.




This screenshot is from the Windows desktop version. It’s also available for Android (Android Market) and iOS (App Store), for $5.00. Visit The Photographer’s Ephemeris website.