Fisher Textiles Trade Show Booth

This is absolutely the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. Fisher Textiles, Inc., maker of fabrics for digital printing, came to me for some photos for their trade show booth, which needed to be massive (indeed my specialty). We went with “Bearden Park” and “QC Pano” (the giant 90 megapixel stitch from The VUE), both of which were printed about 20’ wide.

They were used on the main wall of the display; “Bearden Park” on the inside and “QC Pano” on the outside. The walls are curved and have lights on the inside, which of course illuminate the images from behind. They setup the booth in the shop to see how it looks (their show is in Atlanta next week) and invited us to come check it out before they packed it up. It was friggin’ awesome.

“Bearden Park” was shot with the 5D2 (21 megapixel) and looked fantastic, but the detail and clarity of the 90 megapixel stitch (8 shots from the 50 megapixel 5Ds) was absolutely astounding; unbelievably sharp just an inch away. I enlarged both print files (TIF of course) to roughly 35,000 pixels on the long edge. The 5D2 shot was only about 5,000 pixels to start with and the stitch shot was about 15,000.

Photos don’t do this thing justice, you can see a walk-around video (not that it’s much better at conveying the coolness) here:

To get an idea on quality (and difference in quality), check out the high-res here:

Your browser may shrink it so you might have to click the image to see full res.

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