Chris Austin Products
Premium Metal Prints

Our Premium Metal prints are by far the highest quality prints available and can be purchased directly from the fine art galleries on this website.  

We are proud to partner with the original inventor of metal prints.  Their award-winning proprietary dye sublimation technology results in life-like images with colors and detail that pop.   State-of-the-art equipment is used to apply over 3,000,000 drops of ink per second onto a special surface.  That surface is placed onto the aluminum and under the perfect combination of heat, time and pressure, the image is sublimated.  Each print is then carefully inspected, framed and packaged.

Our Premium Metal prints offer two framing options, both delivered ready to hang.

If you do not see the dimensions that fit your space, contact us for custom sizes.

Flush Mount

The Flush Mount option includes a 1-3/8″ black frame installed flush to the edges of the print, resulting in a boxed appearance.  This option is available in all sizes up to 96″ x 48″.

Float Mount

The Float Mount option makes the print stand off the wall giving the print a “floating” appearance.  This option is available for prints up to 36″.

Framed Prints

iPhone & Galaxy Phone Cases

Acrylic Prints

11oz & 15oz Coffee Mugs

Other Prints & Novelty Items

As we prefer to focus on the certified premium metal prints, we selected a 3rd party to fulfill all other mediums.  Our partner on-line store offers a wide variety of print mediums and novelty items.  

Greeting Cards
Phone Cases
Coffee Mugs
Battery Chargers
Tote Bags
…and more
Stock Photos – Digital Downloads

A select group of photos were carefully chosen and made available for digital download.  Digital downloads can be purchased in two different sizes, 1920 px or 1280 px.

These stock photos are intended  for personal or commercial use in advertising, marketing, promotional type materials only.  Reproduction, distribution, or resale of these images is strictly prohibited.  Chris Austin retains the copyright to all images.

Charlotte Skyline Calendar

Which photos do YOU want to see in the next calendar?

2018 will mark the 5th anniversary of the Charlotte Skyline Calendar.

To celebrate, we decided to do something different. We want YOU to decide which photos make it in the 5th edition. We’ve preselected a mixture of 24 skyline photos – some new, some previously published, and some photographer’s picks. And, you get to vote for your 12 top choices. Bonus: voting gets you entered in a drawing to win one of 5 FREE calendars.

Simply click the link below, pick your 12 favorite photes, enter name and email, and click SUBMIT VOTE. That’s it! You will automatically be entered in the drawing. You can vote once per day, but you will only get one entry in the drawing.

When the poll officially closes at midnight on Friday 8/18/17, the top 12 ranked photos will be published in the 2018 Charlotte Skyline Calendar and the preorder sale will begin.